Feb. 20th, 2013

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Recently, I found a soulmate on-line. We started communicating over SSH and GNU Screen. Then we started writing PGP-encrypted diaries, with VIM editor's gnugpg plugin, and our common encrypted WIKI. We started keeping deadline list, our set of goals and our heuristics (Wisdom of Life). We exchange screencasts via RetroShare, which is P2P, public key cryptography based communication platform, with personal mail and chat, independent of any corporation. We share our encrypted to-do lists, both short-term, long-term, and project files. We've set up VIM to show it all nicely in conveniently placed windows, so we can see each other's thoughts while working during each day. We live on different, far-off time-zones. We just recently bought drawing tablets (digitizers), and we teach mathematics to each other, and learn. We read books on-line, while sharing screens. We write our respective diaries in each other's language, to make reading for each other faster, without the need to look at dictionaries. We plan events, such as the readings, or coding together, or watching movies. Furthermore, we both have spouses. We watch movies together on-line, using VLCIRC python script. We plan to watch movies together with the spouses too. We plan to teach our friends and families math, stats and computing, but if they are not interested in that, that's not a problem. Our life just got a lot more fun.


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